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Coverage, Modern, Dimensional,& Transformational Color

Walk into our salon and you'll likely be greeted by Nicole's infectious smile, whether she's transforming nails into sparkling canvases or weaving hair artistry in the chair. Since June 2019, she's been an integral part of our team, bringing warmth and expertise to every interaction.

No matter if you're seeking a tranquil escape with a luxurious mani-pedi or craving a trendsetting hair update, Nicole's mission remains constant: to leave you feeling your absolute best. Her passion for people shines through in every consultation, ensuring your needs and desires are at the heart of every touch.

But Nicole's talents extend beyond the salon walls. On her hobby farm alongside her husband Nick, she embraces a simpler life, finding joy in the company of her beloved goats and chickens. This connection to nature fuels her creativity and brings a grounded perspective to her artistry.

Ready to experience Nicole's transformative touch and infectious spirit? Come meet her and embark on a journey of self-discovery, one perfect nail or dazzling hairstyle at a time.

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