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Coverage, Modern, Dimensional,& Transformational Color


More than just a stylist, Dayna is an artist in hair. Witnessing the transformative power of a new look, both big and small, fuels her creative fire. Her passion lies not just in shaping strands, but in unveiling the beauty within her clients and empowering them to own it.

Actively listening is Dayna's superpower. She creates a safe space where concerns are acknowledged and understood, fostering a collaborative spirit to achieve hair goals together. Dayna welcomes challenges, viewing them as opportunities to flex her creative muscles and tailor solutions to individual needs.

But Dayna doesn't stop there. She empowers her clients by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to maintain their salon-worthy looks at home. Ask her anything about styling tips or product recommendations; her expertise is at your fingertips.

Beyond the salon, Dayna's creative spirit flows into other avenues. A lover of interior design, she's currently pouring her passion into keeping her condo on point. When she's not wielding paintbrushes, she's exploring new destinations or savoring culinary adventures.

Dayna's mission is simple yet powerful: to make everyone who sits in her chair feel heard, confident, and embraced for who they are. It's a mission we can all get behind.

Ready to embark on your hair journey with Dayna? Schedule an appointment today and let her guide you to a look that celebrates your unique beauty.

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