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Welcome. Are you ready for the best salon experience?

We’re so happy that you’ve chosen our diverse, talented team, & we look forward to meeting you!
We also know that going to a new salon can be challenging so let us show you how we will make you look & feel your very best, starting now.
Just below we will guide you through our New Client Service Experiences, Choosing the Right Stylist, Pricing & Timing, as well as the Digital Booking Process so that your first visit will be seamless.

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Let’s Get Started!


Select Your Service Experiences

We know choosing the correct services can be difficult & overly technical so we offer New Guest Color Service Experiences with brief descriptions of your desired hair to help assist you in the process.

Filling out the New Client Consultation Form will help us ensure we’re on the same page as we prepare for your first appointment date, but isn’t required for color or curly services.

We are a Color & Extension studio that finishes those services with a custom haircut to compliment the look we have achieved through color & extension artistry.

If you are interested in a stand alone Haircut appointment you may want to take our Stylist Match-Making survey to find your new stylist of your dreams! Then simply book a haircut!


Choose Your Stylist

We have a large, talented team that do amazing specialized work. Each stylist is unique in their specialties & personalities, so we want to help you find the perfect fit for your desired results taking into account all aspects of your individual hair needs.

Every stylist has their own personal page with links to their social media so that you can check out their vibe, their work, as well as their services with pricing. They will take their time to ensure that you’re getting everything you need out of each visit without keeping you in the salon any longer than you need to be.


Take our quick matchmaking survey and you'll discover which of our stylists are a perfect fit for your hair, personality, and style!

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Book Your Appointment

After choosing your desired service & the stylist best suited for you, book your appointment through our online portal.

Stay on the lookout for our digital welcome packet that we email a few days before your appointment.


Check In & Luxury Amenities

When you arrive, our friendly Operations Team will warmly greet you, assist with filling out our new Guest intake form (if not done in advance), and offer a tour of our beautiful and luxurious salon space.

During the tour, you'll become familiar with our amenities, and our entire team is dedicated to ensuring you feel comfortable and settled. We'll introduce you to our amenities bar, stocked with complimentary snacks and refreshments for you to enjoy before and during your service. Think mocktails, mimosas, lattes, wine, seasonal beverages, snacks, and a few indulgent treats that we update monthly.

Following this, you'll be seated at your station and introduced to your stylist for a personalized consultation."

Prepare to unwind with our signature shampoo for pure relaxation. Our chairs fully recline, complete with a plush pillow for your head, ensuring zero pressure on your neck or back. To elevate this experience, we offer heated towels, a cozy weighted blanket, and scented eye pillows infused with various aromatherapy scents.

Additionally, we provide chargers for your computers and phones, should you need to attend to a bit of business while away from the office

Consultation & Game Plan

We love when you come prepared to talk about what you want & don’t want. We encourage you to save lots of photos, to show us what you love & dislike. (Your New Guest Consultation Form is extremely helpful in communicating your hair goals and setting up your future appointments to fit within your schedule and beauty budget.)

We’ll discuss your hair history, what’s achievable in one visit, and the amount of maintenance that’s right for you or how frequently you’d like to visit the salon.
With this information we can better understand your wants & needs, in order to provide the perfect service for you based on your lifestyle & activities.

*If you need a break, and just want to enjoy some quiet time please let us know if you prefer a “Silent Appointment” which we are happy to accommodate. After your consultation with your stylist you can sit and enjoy your time without conversation or spend it however you like.

Our next step is to plan out not only your first visit, but create a long-term plan to ensure all of your goals are met. We pride ourselves on being a luxury color & extension studio, so we custom create a color formula that is blended just for you and record it in our system to ensure it is available at each visit.

The Changes Salon Experience

On top of having access to all the amenities offered at the beginning of your visit, we are happy to help you spend your time in our chairs in the way that resonates with you that day.

Our team is fun & educated, so if you want to talk about your styling routine, haircare questions, or the latest pop culture gossip we will curate your time accordingly. That’s one of the best parts of having such a large and diverse team, we can always find a personality that matches up with how you both like to spend your time.

To bring your service to a close we will style your hair beautifully and follow it up with a photoshoot to document your new look.

We are happy to schedule your next maintenance appointment, and finish with some product recommendations to maintain your look at home while creating even healthier hair.

Between Visits

We want you to love your first visit with us, and every single one after it. That’s why we take such care in creating a comfortable, luxury & custom experience for each Guest.

Our goal is to constantly elevate our Guest experience not only in the salon, but between salon visits as well when we can connect with you in person.

Check back to our website as well as our monthly Style email, where we keep you updated on our team, events, education, & Guest loyalty promotions offered exclusively to you.

Don’t be surprised if you get a text Or email from our salon checking in on your new hair, offering advice on how to use your new products purchased, or even quick tips for styling and hair health.

We can’t wait to see you!

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