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Daniela Savini

One of the reasons Dayna became a hairstylist is due to the fact that she loves making people not only look their best, but feel it, too. The instant gratification from a big (or small) transformation is what keeps her inspired to continually create, and seek the beauty in others. 

One of Dayna's top skills? Listening. It’s important that her guests feel heard, and can freely voice their concerns when sitting in her chair. She can handle, and welcomes any challenge! Dayna also enjoys educating her clients on at home care and styling, so be sure to ask her how to recreate the fabulous style she’ll achieve for you at home!

Personally, Dayna loves interior design and has been renovating her new condo. She loves to travel and to try out new restaurants.

Dayna's mission is for anyone and everyone who come to sit in her chair to feel heard, confident, and accepted as they are. Schedule an appointment with Dayna today to achieve your hair goals!


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