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At Changes, exceeding expectations isn't just a goal, it's Amanda's driving force. Whether she's weaving hair magic in the chair or meticulously beautifying nails, her unwavering dedication shines through. Step into her care and prepare to be pampered, not just physically, but with genuine warmth and artistry.

Amanda's talent extends beyond the salon walls. She is newly married to David and has settled into her new life in a new home! When seeking respite, you might find her at the barn, where the rhythmic cadence of hooves on trails echoes her passion for service and dedication. Or, nestled with a captivating book, Amanda dives into fictional landscapes, a certified bookworm whose love for stories knows no bounds. Stuck on your next reading adventure? She's your literary compass, ready to point you towards a page-turning escape.

But Amanda's spirit truly bursts forth at Disney. The infectious joy and vibrant creativity of that magical realm resonate with her inner artist, fueling her boundless imagination and unwavering dedication to making every experience at Changes simply enchanting.

Ready to embark on a journey of transformation and delight? Let Amanda guide you. Book an appointment and discover the magic that awaits, one brushstroke, one shimmering nail, one captivating story at a time.

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